A minute-long video a day of an adorable baby

Izzy Hijinx

More adventures in the world of Isabella!


Izzy Rampage ’11

Isabella and Sarah were playing peek-a-boo, but Izzy decided to take the camera into her own hands (literally!).

Chasing Izzy

A video from a couple weeks ago. Isabella and Daddison do laps around the coffee table.

Izzy “reads”

Isabella seems to have her own ideas as to what her book’s about. 🙂

Auntie Sarah tickles a little girl!

Isn’t Izzy beautiful in her little dress?

Brushing Izzy’s hair

Isabella has discovered that she loves hair brushes. That’ll make our lives easier in the future! 🙂


Izzy plays with Cheerios in her high chair, hehe.

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